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Port Charlotte Detox provides detox in Sarasota to help individuals with substance abuse and addiction as they take the first steps to recovery. Our experienced and caring team understands the unique challenges. We are committed to providing compassionate, personalized care during this vital stage of recovery. With an individualized treatment approach, evidence-based therapies, and holistic treatments, we help our clients lay a solid foundation for lasting sobriety. 

Sarasota Addiction Statistics

According to Florida Health Sarasota County, some mental health and substance statistics for Sarasota include:

  • Drug overdose deaths in 2018 for people aged 25 – 64 were higher than the rest of the state.
  • 97 of those deaths were related to opioids and other illicit substances. 
  • Binge drinking occurs at a rate of 12.9 percent compared to a state rate of 8.7 percent.
  • Self-harm and suicide rates in Sarasota County are higher than the state, with 71 percent involving adults aged 50 or older. 
  • 19.3 percent of middle and high school students reported alcohol use in the past 30 days.

Statewide, the top five reported drugs related to overdose deaths from the Flordia Department of Law Enforcement’s 2022 Interim Report were fentanyl (3050), ethanol (3,026), cocaine (1,893), cannabinoids (1,818), and methamphetamines (1,445). 

In 2021, 250 people overdosed and died on fentanyl-laced drugs, a 485 percent increase since 2016, as reported by 10 Tampa Bay. Furthermore, one of the fastest growing trends in the Tampa Bay Area, which includes Manatee and Sarasota Counties, is the increase in fentanyl mixed with xylazine, called “tranq.”  As of the beginning of April 2023, Sarasota had the third largest increase in tranq deaths statewide. 

How Does Detox Work Near Sarasota?

Our drug and alcohol detox near Sarasota follows a comprehensive process designed to safely and effectively rid the body of harmful substances. Our medical professionals closely monitor each client’s progress throughout detoxification. They administer medications when needed to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and ensure their comfort.

The length of detox varies depending on factors such as the substance being used, the duration of use, and individual health conditions. Our team develops personalized treatment plans based on these factors to ensure each client receives appropriate care during this critical time.

Clients are provided round-the-clock support throughout the detox process by our compassionate staff, who are trained in managing cravings, improving sleep patterns, addressing emotional challenges, and providing nutritional counseling. Individual and group therapy sessions are also integrated into the detox program to address underlying issues related to addiction and promote long-term recovery.

Sarasota Alcohol Detox

Port Charlotte Detox offers individualized Sarasota alcohol detox treatment programs for individuals struggling with alcohol use disorders. Our facility provides medically supervised alcohol detox, with 24/7 monitoring to ensure the safety and comfort of individuals as they go through alcohol withdrawal. 

Our alcohol rehab in Sarasota works with an initial assessment to determine one’s treatment goals and objectives. Next, a personalized detox treatment and care plan is created with input from the client. We work collaboratively with our clients throughout treatment to adjust their care plans as needed to ensure a successful detox. 

Sarasota Drug Detox

Our Sarasota drug detox program provides the same level of care and personalized attention as our alcohol detox program. We start with learning more about the individual, the substances they are using, and whether they are experiencing any co-occurring mental health issues. Using a combination of evidence-based and holistic therapeutic methodologies, along with round-the-clock medical supervision, we create a customized treatment plan to help individuals achieve lasting sobriety. 

What to Expect During Detox Near Sarasota

During detox near Sarasota, our clients can expect to receive personalized care and support as they undergo the process of withdrawal and stabilization. Here is an overview of what to expect during detox:

  • Evaluation: Upon arrival, each client undergoes a comprehensive assessment by our medical professionals. This assessment helps us work with our clients to create their personalized care and treatment plan. 
  • 24/7 Medical Monitoring: Throughout detoxification, clients are continuously monitored by our experienced medical staff. We want to ensure our clients have access to the support they need day or night when facing withdrawal symptoms. 
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT): MAT includes the use of various medications that can help reduce and alleviate the more intense and severe withdrawal symptoms. These medications help manage withdrawal symptoms to make detox obtainable. 
  • Supportive Care: Clients receive supportive care alongside medical monitoring throughout their stay at Port Charlotte Detox. We want our clients to be able to receive support whenever they need it, no matter how big or small their concerns are during detox. 
  • Counseling: Individual counseling sessions allow clients to explore personal triggers related to substance abuse while acquiring coping mechanisms needed for sustainable recovery. These sessions also help uncover the underlying causes of their addiction to help them start to take transformative steps to a brighter future. 
  • Group Therapy: Group therapy offers opportunities to connect with peers going through similar experiences under the guidance of trained therapists. Developing a strong peer support network is also vital to ensuring continued sobriety post-detox by having access to peers to support one another’s recovery. 
  • Holistic Therapy: Our detox program near Sarasota takes a holistic approach to treatment, addressing not only the physical aspects of addiction but also the psychological and emotional components. Holistic therapy, such as yoga, exercise, mindfulness, and art therapy, helps clients achieve overall wellness and sustainable recovery.
  • Family Therapy: We believe in the importance of family involvement in the recovery process. Our family therapy sessions provide education on how loved ones can support their loved one’s recovery, as well as help address communication, trust, and relationship issues damaged by addiction. 
  • Educational Sessions: Clients participate in sessions about addiction, relapse prevention strategies, and healthy living habits. By learning more about these and related topics, helps people become more aware of their illness and further enhance their treatment strategies to remain substance-free long-term.
  • Aftercare Planning: Our team assists clients in creating a comprehensive aftercare plan tailored to maintaining sobriety post-detox. We also help our clients transition to an inpatient rehab program or one of several outpatient programs that best fit with the individual’s needs. 

How Do I Know I Need to Go to Detox?

Knowing when to go to detox can be a critical decision in addressing substance abuse and addiction. While each individual’s situation is unique, here are some signs that may indicate it’s time to consider detox:

  • You experience withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, shaking, sweating, insomnia, or anxiety when you try to stop using the substance or cut down on your use.
  • You need larger amounts of the substance to achieve the desired effects.
  • You feel unable to control how much or how often you use the substance despite attempts to do so.
  • Your substance use has started affecting important aspects of your life, like work, school, relationships, and daily responsibilities.
  • Your repeated efforts at quitting or cutting back on substance use have been unsuccessful.
  • You are experiencing increased anxiety, depression, paranoia, mood swings, and other mental health issues associated with addiction.
  • Your relationships with family members and friends are strained.
  • You are facing legal issues related to your alcohol and substance use. 

Does Insurance Cover Detox in Sarasota?

Many insurance providers offer coverage for substance abuse and addiction treatment, including detoxification services. It is essential to contact your insurance provider directly or reach out to our team at Port Charlotte Detox to verify the extent of your coverage.

Our facility works with various insurance companies and can assist you in verifying your benefits and understanding what expenses may be covered by your policy. We strive to make quality detox services accessible to individuals seeking help and work closely with clients to explore options for payment or financing if necessary.

Begin Your New Life with Detox in Sarasota

Are you ready to take the first step towards a new life free from substance abuse and addiction? Begin your journey today with detox in Sarasota at Port Charlotte Detox. Our compassionate and experienced team is here to provide personalized care, support, and guidance as you navigate through detox. Begin the path to a new substance-free life by contacting us now.

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Living with addiction comes with feelings of guilt, shame, pain, and sorrow. Life can become heavy and it can be hard to see a way out. At Port Charlotte Detox, we have empathy and compassion for your experience and have created a seamless admissions process so you can get the quality of care you deserve. Did you know that most major insurance plans may cover the cost of detox? Call us at (844) 338-6972 or verify your insurance now.